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How to use this app

Outlined here are some tips on how to use this site to study most efficiently and effectively.

Intermediate and Up


Kanji Vocabulary

First, look them up, here to get the reading, google the word + 例文 to get a couple of example sentences and related words and then pop the reading, the related words into your Anki deck.

I still use this app. It is so helpful to have an offline app that you can search up any kanji you don’t know how to read.

It is an app built for native speakers, however, so there are absolutely no translations and includes concepts like on-yomi and kun-yomi, which is why I don’t recommend it for people just starting on their Japanese journey.

As opposed to just typing something out, actually using your finger to write it out helps it stick in your head a lot more.

Definitely download this before stepping out onto the streets of Japan, or before attempting to read a novel!